Swedish specialist in complex metal sheet molding

Jobro is a specialist in producing prototypes and lowvolume manufacture of complex sheet metal parts. Based on in-depth expertise in tool making, materials science and production engineering, Jobro offers its customers prototypes of a quality comparable to components manufactured in serial production.

Business activities

As a specialized prototype supplier, Jobro has optimized knowledge and processes to meet customer needs during the prototyping phase of development projects. Jobro’s production process also generates important information on production engineering aspects, which enables customers to start serial production more quickly. The company has production lines to deliver components made from high-strength, press-hardened material, as well as traditional cold-formed steel. By managing all elements of the development phase in-house, Jobro has short lead-times and great flexibility to make design changes to parts without incurring significant costs for them.

Jobro’s goal is to establish itself as the leading prototype producer in northern Europe for complex sheet metal parts in low volumes by helping customers reach serial production more quickly, at lower cost and with better quality.