Unique medical technology with global potential

OssDsign is a Swedish medtech enterprise based in Uppsala that designs, manufactures and sells regenerative implants that improve healing of skeletal tissue in the cranium and face.

Business activities

OssDsign implants are used in neurological and plastic surgery procedures. Patients treated using OssDsign products have often suffered major cranial trauma or deformities (where treatment with other implants has been unsuccessful). By early-2015, over 150 patients had been treated using OssDsign’s first two products (Craniomosaic), and Sculpter Cranial and Sculpter Facial, with clinical outcomes being exceptionally positive. This scientific background lies in a collaboration between the University of Uppsala and the Karolinska Institute, with the development process resulting in a unique material, which in published cases demonstrated reduced risk of infection, regenerative efficacy in tissue and the implant being converted into normal skeletal tissue over time. Production is at OssDsign’s premises in Uppsala, where the material is coated with a patient-specific 3D-printed titanium mesh that fully matches the patient’s anatomy and the surgeon’s requirements. OssDsign is in an exciting launch phase, aiming at global expansion in cranioplasty and facial reconstruction, simultaneous with developing new applications on the existing technology platform.