Unique method for detecting malignant melanoma

SciBase, which started as a research project at KarolinskaInstitutet, has developed a unique product called Nevisense for the detection of malignant melanoma.

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The patented Nevisense diagnosis technique sends electrical impulses at different frequencies through the area of skin under examination. An algorithm trained to identify malignancy provides information within a few seconds on the extent of the malignancy of the lesion.The method has demonstrated very good results in extensive clinical studies, the most recent of which conducted at 22 clinics in Europe and the USA constitutes the largest study ever carried out in this field.

The new technique gives physicians a tool that can objectively measure the risk of changes in lesions being malignant. The method will save costs in the care chain as unnecessary and costly procedures and analysis can be avoided. At the same time, the technique can identify melanoma that may be wrongly diagnosed with the visual methods used today. The results from the studies underscore the fact that Nevisense can contribute to easier and earlier detection of malignant melanoma and thereby potentially save lives. Scibase was listed on Nasdaq First North in June 2015.